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“God Created life, and then he created disease and then he challenged the human life to bring out a cure for disease”



Welcome to Incisors and Molars – the leading dental portal which is designed to act as a complete Oral Guide.

The whole reason why we have started this website is to provide as much dental information as we can. Right from little tidbits on things like how to take care of your oral hygiene to the new painless laser technique used for treatment of cavities. Creating and promoting dental awareness is a key objective of the website.

Dentistry has evolved from being a profession which involved extraction of the tooth as a cure for all dental problems to the present scenario where it forms an integral part of aesthetic makeover of patients. A reputed implant dentist shared his anecdote on this topic. When he went upto his father in the 1970’s to discuss his dentistry career his father expressed extreme surprise. He said ‘ Son, how much money will you earn all your life making dentures ! ‘. Well today his sons having received their dentistry degrees in Germany have established a name for themselves. With more students entering this profession with a desire to specialize, dentistry is fast becoming one of the most popular and due worth of recognition. Dentistry has witnessed significant advancements in the last decade due to tremendous research and organization like Indian Dental Association (IDA) have taken a lead to update the knowledge of dental professionals.

 It is believed that mouth is a reflection of the systemic conditions of the patient. Dentists were earlier dealing with the teeth in the oral cavity of human beings but now they are dealing with human beings having teeth in their oral cavity. This simply means that in today’s world dentistry and dentists are dealing with the systemic conditions of patients also and not limiting to dealing with the mouth alone. Research has shown that mouth being a reservoir of bacteria can act as foci of infection and now play a role in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, preterm low birth weight babies etc.

Dentistry has now completely integrated into various highlighted branches of medicine. Dentistry is also believed to be a very glamorous professional due to the role of dentist to act as creators of the perfect smile thus enhancing the aesthetics of an individual. Smile is the architect of a wonderful esthetic face and dentists have now rightly turned themselves into “Smile Designers”.

We have formed a team of specialists to provide you with latest information about dentistry and new dental treatments. We would give you all advice about treatments like Dental Implants, Gums Surgery, Tooth Jewellery, Child Dentistry, Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) etc.


Incisors And Molars provides Oral Cancer Detection & Tobacco Intervention Program for those people who want to quit tobacco habit is which the root causes of oral diseases. The website would also serve as a great platform for dental students and the established experts in this field as we have discussion forums.  Dental professionals will find downloads section and dental videos helpful. IDA information regarding membership and other details are also available. This website has been designed in a way that it has something to offer to everyone.





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